FEAR – short film poster

FEAR poster very small

“Fear” – short film – promo poster

fear poster with logo

In post production on psychological thriller, “Fear”

In post production on short film, “Fear” starring Jessie Rabideau.

Some frame grabs:

“The Pink Balloon” – TRAILER

“The Pink Balloon” – short film

Currently in post on my short film “The Pink Balloon” which stars Olympic athlete and world renown natural bodybuilder turned actor Moji Oluwa.

LOG LINE: A tough bodybuilder reluctantly develops a relationship with a balloon that floats by one day.

At the time of writing we are in sound post with music score being done by MP/TV composer Glenn Jordan.

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Sue Wong – “Autumn Sonata” Fall 2012 Collection – Fashion Video

“Autumn Sonata” is fashion video I directed for fashion design icon Sue Wong.

She held an amazing premiere Friday, March 16th as a climax to Los Angeles Fashion Week. It was wonderful fun!


"Autumn Sonata" Fall 2012 Collection

Frame grabs and production stills from the shoot.

“Lady or Vamp” – Sue Wong Fashion Video

Sue Wong has been a icon in the design world for ages. She is an exacting genius who always knows what she wants and always gets it. Just directed a fashion video for her “Lady or Vamp” collection.




Here are some frame grabs and production stills from the shoot. Models were the lovely Alli Cripe and beautiful Linda Taylor.

This is a vertical version of the above video, slightly different, to be played in Sue’s New York and Los Angles Showrooms on large rotated HDTVs.

“The Nakeds” – Maggie Barry Fashion Video

Maggie Barry is an exciting and bold fashion designer who makes amazing creations for celebrities and stars the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, Billy Idol and Cher.

These are larger than life mega-artists with larger than life personalities and larger than life sex appeal..and Maggie’s looks have been central in creating that image.

The Nakeds is her new collection for 2011. It is shiny. It is glittery. And it is very sexy.




Frame grabs and production stills



Antoinette Kristensen
Rachael Broussard
Adamme Sosa
Erika Costa
Christina Costa



CLOTHING           Maggie Barry
HATS               Baron Hats
ART HATS           Hatmosphere by Drew Bird



HAIR               Milan Daw
MAKEUP             Victoria Rowe
MAKEUP             Adamme Artistry
PA                 Ben Baker
GAFFER             Thomas Rowe
EDITED BY          Steve Kahn
DP                 Steve Kahn
PRODUCED BY        Maggie Barry
DIRECTED BY        Steve Kahn


 Much thanks to Gibson USA, Peter Leinheiser and Jennifer Feeney

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“SHATTERED” – Maggie Barry Fashion BONUS OUTTAKE Video

Okay… I edited this little piece up quickly mostly for the cast and crew to laugh at themselves and to show as a little bonus video at the Premiere party for the Maggie Barry Fashion Video. So, saying that I’m not entirely proud of this but then again don’t hate it at the same time. I’m a perfectionist and as I said I cut it quickly and really didn’t have enough material to work with. But… here it is anyway. A little BONUS video I cut called “Shattered”


Kit Kraft Commercial; The Challenge: Make One Spot Work for Two Divergent Audiences. The Result: “Through the Eyes of a Child”

Kit Kraft is two things. It started out as a mom and pop hobby store almost sixty years ago in Southern California and it became one of the largest international distributors of hobby goods – while still remaining a local hobby shop for generations upon generations of faithful artisans, craftsmen, creators and model builders.

For me it was models.¬†Specially¬†Estes Rockets my friends and I took unending joy in building and lighting off at a local park (and sometimes at the end of our dead end street when our parents weren’t looking).

We bought them as kids and then proceeded to forget about them when girls became more interesting. I suppose there are just tons and tons of people like me who grew up and forgot the store. I’m sure there are generations of us.

So Kit Kraft has history. A lot of it. But, it also has become a huge distribution center which has many times saved the business from going under when walk in traffic didn’t pay the bills. In those times the internet hobby supply business kept the store in the black. International business over the years has gone on to far, far out-shadow sales in the quaint little mom and pop store.

So, these were the challenge: Produce a spot that would recapture the feeling one had as a child when first discovering the store while not detracting from international business.

And so was born the concept: “Through the Eyes of a Child”

score composed by Derek A. McKinney