Kahn Artist Filmworks is an independent film production company based in Studio City, CA. We tell human stories and it is our goal to create works confluent with universal human truths that touch the heart and feed the soul.


Steve Kahn is driven, rebellious, and has a quiet determination about him. Raised in the Fairfax District and the San Fernando Valley in a middle-class home, his favorite movies growing up were Raiders of the Lost Ark, American Beauty and The Graduate.Steve Kahn photo

As a child he performed in local community theaters and scouted locations for a film he hadn’t yet written, and to shoot with a camera that he didn’t yet have. But as he grew older, pressure from his parents to get a “real job” got in the way. He earned a degree from UCLA in physics and relocated to San Mateo, where he worked long hours in a biotech lab. As he toiled away, he felt something aching inside of him. His creativity was being stifled. After a short year, out of the blue he was offered a new job at a biotech company in Thousand Oaks. He took the job, jumping at the chance to move back to L.A., and began studying acting with Stella Adler’s artistic director, Joshua Ravetch. He furthered his artistic development at the Sanford Meisner Center graduating from their two year professional actors program and studied screen-writing with UCLA’s Richard Walter.

After two years of working in the lab by day and the theatre by night, Steve came to a decision. He would turn his back on science for the arts.

Kahn began to work almost immediately, landing roles in independent films, commercials, television, and local theater. But he still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted total creative control, and a chance to make a statement.

He would pursue his true passion – filmmaking.

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