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FEAR – final color – frame grabs.

FEAR poster small

Final - 10.Still063

Final - 10.Still064

Final - 10.Still065

Final - 10.Still066

Final - 10.Still067

Final - 10.Still068

Final - 10.Still069

Final - 10.Still070

Final - 10.Still071

Final - 10.Still072

Final - 10.Still073

Final - 10.Still074

Final - 10.Still075

Final - 10.Still076

Final - 10.Still077

Final - 10.Still078

Final - 10.Still079

Final - 10.Still080

Final - 10.Still081

Final - 10.Still082

Final - 10.Still083

Final - 10.Still084

Final - 10.Still085

Final - 10.Still086

Final - 10.Still087

Final - 10.Still088

Final - 10.Still089

Final - 10.Still090

Final - 10.Still091

Final - 10.Still092

Final - 10.Still093

Final - 10.Still094

Final - 10.Still094a

Final - 10.Still095

Final - 10.Still095a

Final - 10.Still096

Final - 10.Still096a

Final - 10.Still097

Final - 10.Still097a

Final - 10.Still098

Final - 10.Still098a

Final - 10.Still099

Final - 10.Still099a

Final - 10.Still100

Final - 10.Still100a

Final - 10.Still101

Final - 10.Still101a

Final - 10.Still102

Final - 10.Still102a

Final - 10.Still103

Final - 10.Still103a

Final - 10.Still104

Final - 10.Still104a

Final - 10.Still105

Final - 10.Still105a

Final - 10.Still106

Final - 10.Still106a

Final - 10.Still107

Final - 10.Still107a

Final - 10.Still108

Final - 10.Still108a

Final - 10.Still109

Final - 10.Still109a

Final - 10.Still110

Final - 10.Still110a

Final - 10.Still111

Final - 10.Still111a

Final - 10.Still112

Final - 10.Still112a

Final - 10.Still113

Final - 10.Still113a

Final - 10.Still114

Final - 10.Still114a

Final - 10.Still115

Final - 10.Still115a

Final - 10.Still116

Final - 10.Still116a

Final - 10.Still117

Final - 10.Still117a

Final - 10.Still118

Final - 10.Still118a

Final - 10.Still119

Final - 10.Still119a

Final - 10.Still120

Final - 10.Still120a

Final - 10.Still121

Final - 10.Still121a

Final - 10.Still122

Final - 10.Still122a

Final - 10.Still123

Final - 10.Still123a

Final - 10.Still124

Final - 10.Still124a

Final - 10.Still125

Final - 10.Still125a

Final - 10.Still126

Final - 10.Still126a

Final - 10.Still127

Final - 10.Still127a

Final - 10.Still128

Final - 10.Still128a

Final - 10.Still129

Final - 10.Still129a

Final - 10.Still130

Final - 10.Still130a

Final - 10.Still131

Final - 10.Still131a

Final - 10.Still132

Final - 10.Still132a

Final - 10.Still133

Final - 10.Still133a

Final - 10.Still134

Final - 10.Still134a

Final - 10.Still135

Final - 10.Still135a

Final - 10.Still136

Final - 10.Still136a

Final - 10.Still137

Final - 10.Still137a

Final - 10.Still138a

Final - 10.Still139a

Final - 10.Still140a

Final - 10.Still141a

Final - 10.Still142a

Final - 10.Still143a

Final - 10.Still144a

Final - 10.Still145a

Final - 10.Still146a

Final - 10.Still147a

Final - 10.Still148a

Final - 10.Still149a

Final - 10.Still150a

Final - 10.Still151a

Final - 10.Still152a

Final - 10.Still153a

Final - 10.Still154a

Final - 10.Still155a

Final - 10.Still156a

Final - 10.Still157a

Final - 10.Still158a

Final - 10.Still159a

FEAR – short film – trailer

FEAR – short film poster

FEAR poster very small

“The Pink Balloon” – short film

Currently in post on my short film “The Pink Balloon” which stars Olympic athlete and world renown natural bodybuilder turned actor Moji Oluwa.

LOG LINE: A tough bodybuilder reluctantly develops a relationship with a balloon that floats by one day.

At the time of writing we are in sound post with music score being done by MP/TV composer Glenn Jordan.

Facebook Page:



Yoga test spot #2; “The Shakti Edit”

Recently “The King’s Speech” was re-edited for a PG-13 rating and widely promoted as such to get additional audience share. This is done all the time in Hollywood; a film will have several trailers cut with each intended to target a specific audience.

In this vein when I shot footage for Noelle I told her that I wanted to cut two spots: one directed towards a male audience and one for a female. Noelle lit up, as she’s prone to do, and said: “a Shiva version and a Shakti version! I love it!”

I must have looked a bit lost but she quickly rescued me, as she’s prone to do, telling me that Shakti aside from being a Hindu Goddess is the personification of divine feminine power.

“Yes, yes” I said. “A Shakti version!”

I am so proud to present “The Shakti Edit”


Shiva and Shakti

The Amazing Yogini, Noelle Beaugureau. Test spot #1

Shot this a couple days ago. This is one of two rough tests. Spot #2 to follow


The Amazing Noelle


In production on short film “WILDFLOWERS”

Currently in production on the short film “Wildflowers” which stars Katie Owsley.

Katie Owsley

Wildflowers” is a coming of age story I was inspired to write after a recent break up from a long term relationship. I guess at such times we look at the big picture. She was looking at hers, I at mine and as I’ve always been utterly fascinated with life and humanity, I was looking at hers as well. It was very interesting to me how the things women go through in their twenties are just so vastly different than what men go through.

Hence, “Wildflowers” was born.

Though the dailies have looked beautiful I don’t want to post any until the edit is locked. But, I will post some pictures of some of our locations which are just beautiful.


Cherry blossoms at Balboa Park…


And California Poppies in Lancaster Poppy Reserve


And downtown Los Angeles amongst others…


Happy New Year!

Usually the New Year, time, dates, holidays and the like mean nothing to me. Usually.

This year is different though. This year brings a change guided not by the clock but by the arrival of a new AF100 camera package which will significantly change my focus and direction. In 2010 I spent all of my time writing.

So in 2011? Producing.

And, it’s going to be a busy year. In addition to features which my lovely and talented manager, Susan, is pitching, I’ve written more than twelve shorts which we plan to produce this year. They cover several generas and for the most part were derived from issues that bug me in life. For the most part they’re human stories which reflect life or how I wish how life would be.

We also have a couple of music videos planned including one with a very prominent icon in the Jazz world and another with just a great blues artist.

Over the last couple months of writing I told myself we were going to be busy with production and wow it really is turning out this way.  Today, out of the blue, in my email box there was yet another project job inquiry.

Happy New Year, indeed.