“SHATTERED” – Maggie Barry Fashion BONUS OUTTAKE Video

Okay… I edited this little piece up quickly mostly for the cast and crew to laugh at themselves and to show as a little bonus video at the Premiere party for the Maggie Barry Fashion Video. So, saying that I’m not entirely proud of this but then again don’t hate it at the same time. I’m a perfectionist and as I said I cut it quickly and really didn’t have enough material to work with. But… here it is anyway. A little BONUS video I cut called “Shattered”


Kit Kraft Commercial; The Challenge: Make One Spot Work for Two Divergent Audiences. The Result: “Through the Eyes of a Child”

Kit Kraft is two things. It started out as a mom and pop hobby store almost sixty years ago in Southern California and it became one of the largest international distributors of hobby goods – while still remaining a local hobby shop for generations upon generations of faithful artisans, craftsmen, creators and model builders.

For me it was models. Specially Estes Rockets my friends and I took unending joy in building and lighting off at a local park (and sometimes at the end of our dead end street when our parents weren’t looking).

We bought them as kids and then proceeded to forget about them when girls became more interesting. I suppose there are just tons and tons of people like me who grew up and forgot the store. I’m sure there are generations of us.

So Kit Kraft has history. A lot of it. But, it also has become a huge distribution center which has many times saved the business from going under when walk in traffic didn’t pay the bills. In those times the internet hobby supply business kept the store in the black. International business over the years has gone on to far, far out-shadow sales in the quaint little mom and pop store.

So, these were the challenge: Produce a spot that would recapture the feeling one had as a child when first discovering the store while not detracting from international business.

And so was born the concept: “Through the Eyes of a Child”

score composed by Derek A. McKinney

“Dramatic Chihuahua” to be used in National Commercial Spot

It was a blatant steal when I shot it. It was intended to be a “viral” teaser for the web series “Killer Chihuahua” and now it is being licensed for a national commercial spot.

I just have to laugh.

Yoga test spot #2; “The Shakti Edit”

Recently “The King’s Speech” was re-edited for a PG-13 rating and widely promoted as such to get additional audience share. This is done all the time in Hollywood; a film will have several trailers cut with each intended to target a specific audience.

In this vein when I shot footage for Noelle I told her that I wanted to cut two spots: one directed towards a male audience and one for a female. Noelle lit up, as she’s prone to do, and said: “a Shiva version and a Shakti version! I love it!”

I must have looked a bit lost but she quickly rescued me, as she’s prone to do, telling me that Shakti aside from being a Hindu Goddess is the personification of divine feminine power.

“Yes, yes” I said. “A Shakti version!”

I am so proud to present “The Shakti Edit”


Shiva and Shakti

The Amazing Yogini, Noelle Beaugureau. Test spot #1

Shot this a couple days ago. This is one of two rough tests. Spot #2 to follow


The Amazing Noelle


In production on short film “WILDFLOWERS”

Currently in production on the short film “Wildflowers” which stars Katie Owsley.

Katie Owsley

Wildflowers” is a coming of age story I was inspired to write after a recent break up from a long term relationship. I guess at such times we look at the big picture. She was looking at hers, I at mine and as I’ve always been utterly fascinated with life and humanity, I was looking at hers as well. It was very interesting to me how the things women go through in their twenties are just so vastly different than what men go through.

Hence, “Wildflowers” was born.

Though the dailies have looked beautiful I don’t want to post any until the edit is locked. But, I will post some pictures of some of our locations which are just beautiful.


Cherry blossoms at Balboa Park…


And California Poppies in Lancaster Poppy Reserve


And downtown Los Angeles amongst others…


Joseph Campbell’s Ten Commandments for reading Mythology

I’ve been doing a lot of mythology research for an upcoming project and came across Joseph Campbell’s Ten Commandments for reading Mythology. While I’ve poured through “Hero with a Thousand Faces” and watched Bill Moyer’s “Power of Myth” again and again and used time and time again Campbell archetypes to mold characters in screenplays…

I’ve never seen Campbell’s Ten Commandments for reading Mythology so I thought I’d post them here. Powerful stuff!:

1. Read myths with the eyes of wonder: the myths transparent to their universal meaning, their meaning transparent to its mysterious source.

2. Read myths in the present tense: Eternity is now.

3. Read myths in the first person plural: the Gods and Goddesses of ancient mythology still live within you.

4. Any myth worth its salt exerts a powerful magnetism. Notice the images and stories that you are drawn to and repelled by. Investigate the field of associated images and stories.

5. Look for patterns; don’t get lost in the details. What is needed is not more specialized scholarship, but more interdisciplinary vision. Make connections; break old patterns of parochial thought.

6. Resacralize the secular: even a dollar bill reveals the imprint of Eternity.

7. If God is everywhere, then myths can be generated anywhere, anytime, by anything. Don’t let your Romantic aversion to science blind you to the Buddha in the computer chip.

8. Know your tribe! Myths never arise in a vacuum; they are the connective tissue of the social body which enjoys synergistic relations with dreams (private myths) and rituals (the enactment of myth).

9. Expand your horizons! Any mythology worth remembering will be global in scope. The earth is our home and humankind is our family.

10. Read between the lines! Literalism kills; Imagination quickens.

EDIT: As I delve deep and do my research I find myself coming back to these Ten Commandments again and again to understand the very nature of myth itself.

Thank you Mr. Campbell.

Jessica Morris to star in psychological thriller “FEAR”

I’m very excited to be directing Jessica Morris in the psychological thriller short film entitled “Fear”

Jessica is not just beautiful but is a superb actress who started out as an Elite model then later developed her craft on “One Life to Live” and “CSI NY” amongst many others.

Having directed and acted along side Jessica I am just thrilled that she is attached to this project; she’s a director’s dream. Despite being beautiful she’s easy to work with and with quite a range she can go quickly where the role demands her to be emotionally.

I’m sure she’s going to rock this short film and be quite an asset to the project.

“Fear”: A young woman struggles against letting her fears get the best of her.

New Site & New Projects

Very excited at the moment. Prepping a new film as well as getting this site in order.

More to follow soon.


Confusion is nothing new

It was my general plan and intention to stop writing shorts when the coming of the new year and move steadfast into production but as the camera, steady cam, and several key components have yet to arrive including a new power adapter for my laptop and as a concept for yet another new idea has more than popped into my but rather is more like haunting me… I have found myself sketching out ideas for yet another new short. 

For me in writing I have found it is usually more difficult to start with the theme. Usually it is easier to start with an image or a feeling or an idea and then themes in life which are important to me seem to passively inject themselves into the project. This is not always the case – I’m working on a feature on the medical industry which started with that axe to grind. For some reason the story followed quite easily from the theme on that project (tentatively entitled “The Needle”) – But usually it is harder for me to write from theme. 

Problem is: with this project that’s exactly my starting place. 

This theme is a favorite of mine: the male/female dynamic. I have a friend whose a famous musician and actor who walked up to me after he got off the treadmill and told me a lyric came to him. It was something to the effect: it takes a woman to make a man feel like a man. That stuck. It was akin to the thoughts that go through my head: how man is so dependent on woman for his own validation but how the reverse is not so.

Confusion is nothing new. It’s always present at this stage. The head feels clouded with ideas, the direction – unknown.

Usually at this point I start writing questions: “How do I feel about this or that?” “How can I say this?” “What’s my story here?” “What am I trying to say?”

I found myself vamping on this theme with no end in sight:

Do women really not need men the way we need them?

What about the mystery of being a woman? They seem to have this incredible power at hiding things from us men. There is a mystery about women that men don’t seem to have. And we are a more curious sort. Are we more curious than they are? We like to unravel their mystery. But, they seem hardly interested in ours. 

Why dosn’t it take a man to make a woman feel complete? Does it? Maybe it does but they are better at hiding it? At being mysterious? 

Why do they look at us like we’re savage apes while we look at them with such awe? We worship the female form but they don’t worship the male form. This makes me feel neglected. This doesn’t feel fair. 

How can I make a poetic short (when I say poetic my intention is to show more through images rather than dialog) on this subject?

On and on the questions go…

And, to my amazement the answers usually come after I ask them and a lot sooner than I’d think when asking them in that utterly confused state. From where? I don’t know.

They usually come but haven’t come yet. 

Confusion is nothing new.