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Junior’s Cave Interview

Juniors Cave

Junior’s Cave Online Magazine Interviews Steve Kahn Isaac Davis digs deeper, asking about the novel, Death Wave, and the inspirations behind it. We also find out more about Katy and Steve’s working relationship.

Jazma Interview

Jazma Interview

“a Ninja Zombie is like Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken. You know that great dish? Who doesn’t like sweet and sour chicken? It’s sweet but it’s also sour! It’s chicken but also like dessert!

Dead Harvey Interview

Dead Harvey

Like peanut butter and chocolate, ninjas and zombies are two great things that go great together. “Ninja Zombies” is an upcoming film and graphic novel. Our interview here is with Steve Kahn, writer and director of the film. The graphic novel adaptation is being done by Stephen Stern, author of the “Zen: Intergalactic Ninja”, “War of the Worlds”, and “Beowulf” graphic novels. Be on the lookout for both, which should be arriving in the near future.

Rogue Cinema Review

Rouge Cinema

“…this is a well-crafted, fast paced, action-packed, romantic comedy! The fight choreography is well above par, the music is awesome, there’s plenty of eye candy, and at only thirteen minutes, the movie never drags or suffers from any unnecessary padding!”

Cut and Paste Magazine Interview

Cut and Paste

“… life contains all genres and one of my foremost goals as a filmmaker is to honestly show humanity. That’s really the fun to me – to show human interaction and human behavior in an honest and uncontrived way. “

Cinephelia Review

Cinepheliia banner

Clay Dempsey Reviews Danos Del Amor

“‘Danos Del Amor’ is a demonstration that truly imaginative one of a kind filmmaking is still being made today and that he is a piece of hope that is going to one day help re-establish the US as original filmmakers.”

Space Junkies Magazine Interview

Space Junkies

“…that’s my advice to an aspiring artist. Don’t do just one thing. Get your hands dirty and do it all. “

Pulpmovies Review

danos cover

“Kahn has pulled together all of the stereotypes of the romantic genre and subverts them brilliantly. It’s tightly scripted, well acted, superbly choreographed and had me laughing out loud several times.”

Vox Magazine Interview


“And, like me, as a kid who went crying in to my mom to get me a camera, find what your dream is and go for it. And, that doesn’t have to mean you’re here on Earth to be an actor. It could be anything but once you figure out what your passion in life is – once you find your bliss, go for it will all your soul and you wont go wrong.”

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